Trusted for over two decades, Shoniker and Associates specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their companies through several stages of development to reach their fullest potential. Based in Toronto and serving clients across the country, we provide the financial market advice and expertise that growing companies need to source investment capital, sell subsidiaries or divisions, perform merger and acquisition work, and help entrepreneurs build substantial shareholder value.

We believe in creating strategic partnerships with our clients. We understand the fundamentals of business from both the entrepreneur’s point of view, and the investor’s, and we look for a fit that serves the interests of both.

For the entrepreneur, this means everything from finding the right investor, knowing what their hot buttons are, working through the complex issues that come up in developing a relationship, and negotiating a deal that makes sense for both sides. While we can’t make this complex process easy, we can make it successful because we go through it all the time. We know where the pitfalls lie and how to work around them.

We find patient investment capital that wants to grow with a company, and help the two parties negotiate an arrangement. While our focus is on the ‘small cap’ sector of the market with most deals falling within the $2 million to $25 million range, we have quarterbacked deals o up to $130 million. Most of our deals involve Canadian companies with revenues of between $5 million and $100 million in annual sales.

The Oxford Dictionary defines courage as “bravery, boldness…to nerve oneself to a venture.” We work with entrepreneurs and management teams that have the courage and the desire to grow their businesses through internal expansion or external acquisitions. We’ve found money for Canadian companies from U.S. and overseas investors, and Canadian investors for foreign companies.