Corporate Finance

We seek win/win financing for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Our team of specialists has more than five decades of collective experience in financing small capitalization and middle market companies. To date, we have attracted more than one quarter of a billion dollars in offers to finance form a wide range of investors, including “angels”, wealthy families, institutionally funded capital pools, management companies, merchant banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, and strategic corporate partners.

We believe we’re only as good as our last deal. As a result, financing starts with a review and analysis of your requirements. This analysis serves two purposes: allowing us to determine whether we believe that a prospective client can achieve their projected financial results, and if so, whether there is a potential financial structure that would meet the company’s objectives and the investor’s requirements.

Not all situations do. Consequently, if we don’t believe we can can successfully achieve what a prospective client wants, we will decline the engagement and offer such advice as we can. Frequently this happens as the result of unrealistic expectations of companies that have never experienced the harsh demands of the investment markets.

We spend time understanding the investors who finance this market, analyzing what they are seeking and more importantly, what they want to avoid. Our long-term relationships with our sources of capital have been built on trust, respect and integrity. Investors know they can believe what we say, and that we do not, and will not, offer them a bad deal simply for the sake of a commission.