The Divesture Process

In most cases, we act on an exclusive basis. For the vendor, we focus on delivering the maximum after tax proceeds within the limits of time and corporate / personal shareholder objectives. Our process includes:

1. Initial Valuation

We analyze the business to assess its current value and, wherever possible, suggest tactics to improve the selling price.

2. Creation of the Selling Document

We prepare a detailed Information Profile in two sections. The initial section is an Executive Summary that is used to screen potential buyers through an action response program. The second and more detailed section is provided to the qualified prospective buyers only if their potential offer is likely to be in the expected selling price range.

3. Market Analysis

To achieve the optimal selling price, we search and analyze the universe of potential buyers with a particular emphasis on the industry buyer who will, for whatever reason, pay a premium vis a vis a straight financial buyer.

4. Managing the Negotiation Process

For some transactions, we lead the negotiations and for others we assume a support role. We work at making sure that both the buyer and the seller don’t lose their focus and let the emotions that naturally run high during such a process kill the deal.

5. Managing the Legal Completion of the Deal

Our years of deal making experience gives us the expertise to manage the legal process to ensure the deal reaches completion, and doesn’t crash on the rocks of legal complications.